JMC70-18 Gigapixel  Array Computational Camera

ZOHETEC ® JMC series of gigapixel array computational camera (hereafter, JMC) is an innovative product developed by ZOHETEC based on computational photography. JMC can provide gigapixel level of panoramic real-time video which covers ultra-large scenes with ultra-high resolution.


Functional Characteristics

Gigapixel Video:Based on the theory of computational photography, multiple 4K (8.3 megapixels)videos are mosaicked into a gigapixel level of high resolution real-time panoramic video.

Ultra-large Scene Monitoring:JMC can achieve distortion-free monitoring for ultra-large area and provide high-quality imaging for each detailed area in the scene.

Ultra-high Resolution:With the design of array arrangement, the JMC breaks the resolution limitation of single optical lens and sensor, while realizing the monitoring requirements of gigapixel ultra-high resolution in ultra-large scenarios.

AI Analysis:JMC can full-time automatically detect, locate, identify, track and alarm various types of targets such as people, vehicles, ships and aircraft in ultra-large scenarios.

Easy Deploying:One JMC device can cover a large area, effectively reducing the workload of civil construction and equipment installation & debugging.

Flexible Application:The video of JMC can be displayed on mosaic screens, computers, mobile phones,tablet computers and etc. 20 users can operate the panoramic video at the same time with the personalized and interactive operation.

Application Scenarios

JMC is suitable for real-time dynamic monitoring of multiple targets in an ultra-large scene, such as border crossings, city squares, sports venues, transportation hubs, tourist attractions and etc.

Technical Specification

Technical ParametersJMC70-18
Essential Parameters
Type of Sensor830 million 1/1.8“ image sensor
Number of Lens19(1 panoramic lens+18 detail lenses)
Field of ViewHorizontal: 68.9°, Vertical: 19.4°
Minimum Illumination

Color mode: 0.01 lux @ F1.5 (AGC ON)

Black and white mode: 0.001 lux @ F1.5 (AGC ON)

Day and Night Mode SwitchingICR infrared filter
Electronic ShutterAutomatic/manual (adjustment range: 1s to 1/1000s)
Image Processing

Video adjustment, automatic/manual/outdoor white balance, 3D digital noise reduction,

backlight compensation, strong light suppression and fog reduction

Video Indicators
Pixel Value150 million
Frame Rate50HZ:1-25fps,60HZ:1-30fps
Video Compression EncodingH.264/H.265
Date RateColor mode: 0.01 lux @ F1.5 (AGC ON)
Output Rate200-400Mbps
Network Interfaces
Support ProtocolTCP/IP, HTTP, RTSP, RTP, RTCP
Interface ProtocolRTSP, GB28181, ONVIF
Network InterfaceOne RJ45 1000M Ethernet port
General Specifications
Working Temperature and HumidityWorking temperature: -40℃~70℃  Humidity: 0%~95%(non condensing)
Protection DesignIP67, lightning protection, surge prevention, antistatic protection
Power ConsumptionDC24V±10%、90W
External Size406×214×284mm
Net Weight11.5kg

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