RUS45-03 Infrared Array Computational Camera

ZOHETEC® RUS series of infrared array computational camera (hereafter, RUS) is the innovative infrared thermal imaging products developed by ZOHETEC based on computational photography. By adopting multiple sensing units, the RUS can provide the real-time video of 4 million pixels infrared thermal imaging.


Functional Characteristics

Ultra-high Definition:Based on the theory of computational photography, multiple channels of the videos with 1028 x 1024 resolution are mosaicked into 4 million pixels real-time infrared image through the edge computing module.

Ultra-high Sensitivity:The uncooled infrared focal plane detector of each lens adopts the advanced structure design of MEMS, the thermal sensitivity is up to 40mk.

Ultra-long Range Detection:RUS can detect the people 1.5 kilometers away and vehicles 7 kilometers away under complete darkness and various complex weather conditions such as rain, snow, smoke and sandstorms.

AI Analysis:RUS can full-time automatically detect, locate, identify, track and alarm various characteristic targets such as people, vehicles, ships and aircraft in ultra-large scenarios.

Easy Deploying:One RUS device can cover a large scene, effectively reducing the workload of civil construction and equipment installation & debugging.

Flexible Application:The video of RUS can be displayed in the mosaic screens, computers, mobile phones,tablet computers and etc. 20 users can operate the panoramic video at the same time with the personalized and interactive operation.

Application Scenarios

RUS is suitable for all-weather real-time dynamic monitoring of multiple targets in large scenes, such as forest fire prevention, border port, chemical industry park and etc.

Technical Specifications

Technical Parameters


Essential Parameters
Type of Sensor

1.3 million oxide steel uncooled infrared focal plane detector

Pixel pitch12um
Number of Lens3
Field of View

Horizontal: 44.5°, Vertical: 12.7°

Thermal Sensitivity40mk
Image ProcessingNonuniformity correction, digital filtering and noise reduction,  digital detail
Video Indicators
Pixel Value

4 million



Frame Rate50HZ:1-25fps,60HZ:1-30fps
Video Compression EncodingH.264/H.265
Output Rate

10-100 Mbps

Network Interfaces
Support ProtocolTCP/IP, HTTP, RTSP, RTP, RTCP
Interface ProtocolRTSP, GB28181, ONVIF
Network InterfaceOne RJ45 1000M Ethernet port
General Specifications
Working Temperature and HumidityWorking temperature: -40℃~70℃  Humidity: 0%~95%(non condensing)
Protection DesignIP67, lightning protection, surge prevention, antistatic protection
Power Consumption


External Size


Net Weight8kg

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